Wood Fencing and Gates

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Wood Fencing and Gates

There’s nothing quite like a classic. Having a wooden fence around your home and property is certainly that, and there’s nothing that quite boosts the curb appeal of any home than a pristine wooden fence. If this is something that you like the sound of, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a true quality wooden fence and gate installation. Not only that we also provide a professional repair service too, so keeping your wooden fencing in top shape is now a far easier task. If you want a real high-quality wooden fence or gate, then we’re your best option.

Wood Fencing and Gates

Aspart of our range, we deal in both wooden fencing and gates. This includes both fence installation and fence repair. Wooden fences are a popular choice for a number of reasons, due mostly to the great curb appeal that they can provide your home, but there’s more than that. They also have a further range of great benefits. Our team specializes in wooden fencing, and accompanying gates, so whether you want high-quality installation or repair when it comes to wooden fencing, we are the fence company that you should always call on. We know how to get the job done.

There’s a real range of advantages that comes with us building a wood fence for you. Wood is a material that’s relatively durable. Not only that’s it’s straightforward to install and can be easily customized to fit your desires, the terrain around your home and any other requirements that you might have. It comes in a range of different varieties too. Best of all, there’s no beating the real classic look that a wooden fence can provide for your home.

Fence Repair

We just don’t just offer top-class fence installation, we also offer fence repair, and we follow and the rules pertaining to all its fence construction. Although durable, wooden fences do require some work in order to stay in top shape. A lot can happen out in the elements year-round, and accidents do happen too. You don’t need to let any problems compromise your fence, however. We have the full skill set needed to quickly and easily repair any damage or other problems that your fence may have. You can rest easy knowing that no problem is too much of a problem for us to repair when it comes to your fences.

All Types of Wooden Fencing

There’s a wide variety when it comes to wooden fencing. Just to make it easy for you, we offer both our installation and repair services for all of them. So, if you want a garden fence, a bamboo fence or even a split rail fence install, we’re the team for you. If you have a picket fence, lattice fence or any other kind of wooden fence and have a problem, that’s something we can always easily repair. Whatever type of wooden fence you want or need to be repaired, we are the team that can count on. It’s as simple as that.

Google Reviews

J Ochoa

Joel and his crew did a marvelous job on our new backyard fence. We live in Roswell and had a few options but once we got the pricing and the amazing customer service from Joel’s team we were sold! They came out on time, finished the fencing in a few days and it looks amazing! I have told all my friends. We could not be more excited about how it turned out. Thanks!

Rheana De La Cruz

Great experience 😃 On time, one of the lowest bids, and they competed for my fence before other fence contractors were able to get back to me. This is how customer service businesses should be. Roswell fencing and Gates is the best in GA. I will for sure be using them again in the near future for my mom’s chainlink fence that needs to be redone in her back yard.

Tracie Overton

Incredible work! The chainlink fence has been perfect for us. Our bigger dogs are extremely happy they have a place to run freely and giving us no worry about them getting out of sight! We appreciate the hard work!

Parker Watson

Great company. Easy from calling in to set an appointment all the way until install.